Comic Reader - I can read comic books in my Windows Mobile Device!


The JOY!

I've been trying to find a decent way to read comic books in my WinMo device for a long time now.

I thought I found one (PocketCM Image Viewer which is a great freeware) but it was a bit hard to read the text.

Comic Reader is a new freeware that opens up zip or rar files as well as those comics files (.cbz).

Look at it! It's beautiful! I was just thinking about creating such app myself but since my time is so limited lately I never got to actually do it - but one of the gurus in the XDA-Developers just did it for me. For us!

It's a bit slow, but WHO CARES!??

The freeware has few nice options, configurable navigation buttons, full screen support and more.

And best of all, it has this lens (actually called Lense... ) feature that lets you zoom only the text area.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!


Here's an example:

Regular mode:


Click on the white text area and you get this:


Did I mention I love it?

You can read more and download the freeware in here

The credit goes to the developer of this beauty: Ty Landercasper - Great Job!

I'm off to bed. Have some readings to do!

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