Criticism coming through - move aside please...


OK, I must complain about Nokia again.


I simply don't like Symbian and I find it hard to understand why Nokia is so successful around the world. The usability is supposed to be great - but it never felt great to me.

Nokia E-71:

Now couple of weeks ago I played around with Nokia E-71. To tell you the truth I didn't even bother checking the functionality too much, what I did find is that the keyboard is one of the worst implementation of a QWERTY keyboard I've ever seen!

First - the device is elegant, I must give Nokia the credit for that, but since it's too small (and narrow) - the keyboard is way too tight to be comfortable. The person who is using the phone complained that he just can't type with it. Brrr...

Second - the buttons are too smooth and do not have enough height. As a result - you get a physical QWERTY keyboard that feels more like a virtual keyboard with all the problems of that (inaccuracy and slow speed).

Third - Symbian? Like: seriously you guys? Symbian?

Nokia N-97:

OK, and now that we've passed that phase, let's move on to the next Nokia device: Nokia kaiser! (Brrr @#$#^ sorry...) Nokia N97!


Now here's a riddle for you all: WHERE THE HELL IS THE SPACE BAR???

You know? That useless little keyboard button used whenever you want to separate between words?

Oh I get it - is it that little button at the right corner? Yep you definitely have something there Nokia - how come no one thought about it so far? Why not locate the space bar on a mouse and call it a day?

Bad Nokia. Go to your room! And while you are in there - bring me a nice WinMo device.

(After thinking about it for a while...)

Ok, I can assume some of the readers may actually find this device pretty hot, and since I must show some objectivity - here's a cool video about the new phone:

Visit the following link for a detailed review of the N-97.

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amit said…
Maybe you didn't have a good experience with Nokia but its not that bad. So far I've used only Nokia for years before I got my first HTC (& Win Mob) phone last July. My main reasons for picking up Nokia were:

1) Its a stable company & highly reliable with damn good support.

2) The UI on the phones is so simple & easy that even a dumb guy can easily use it.

So because of these reasons I used to stick with Nokia even when I might be getting 1-2 features less than competing phones from Sony, Samsung, LG, Motorola etc. & I paid a little bit more for Nokia.

I've tried out phones from Motorola, Sony, Samsung, LG & found them all to be useless in terms of UI. In some of the flashy ones the colour schemes of UI were so dazzling that they hurt on eyes. And then the UI was quite bad & confusing.

And everything apart, Nokia phones are solid. I once dropped my Nokia 2-3 times on different occasions on solid floor & I didn't get a scratch while a friend of mine got a crack in his Sony phone, eh! :)

So I guess there's a reason why Nokia is a world leader in mobiles. US market is a bit different, its a kind of niche market & Nokia doesn't get much play there but in rest of the world it sells pretty good.
Gil Bouhnick said…
Good points.
Nokia's cellphones are OK. Although I always like Samsung better.
It's the Symbian part that I have issues with.
In the company I work for we are using Nokias and Blackberry. The ones using Nokia always complain that they must restart their phone almost every day.
I restarted my BB 3-4 times in few months.