GScroll - Give life to your Touch Panel

Here's an interesting application I tried on the HTC Touch Pro.

What it does is to turn the flat D-Pad surface into a reacting navigation platform.

Here's the information pulled form the author's site:

'Swipe' to Scroll

GScroll allows you to swipe your finger left/right/up/down on the touch panel to scroll or navigate. This functionality will work in any Windows Mobile application that supports scrolling or navigation via the directional pad.

'Tap & Tilt' to Scroll
GScroll allows you to use your built in accelerometer to scroll or navigate any application. Simply double tap the center circle, and then begin tilting. To exit 'Tap & Tilt' mode, simply tap the touch panel.
Double-Tap Launch Zones

GScroll allows each of the 4 quadrants of the touch panel to be assigned to a custom application. Double tapping the quadrant will launch the application of your choosing. You can also assign custom actions to the hotkey, such as 'Open Start Menu' and 'Close Current Application'.

Smart Scroll Mode
For both 'Swipe' and 'Tap & Tilt' scroll settings, you can either always scroll, always navigate (directional pad), or choose Smart Scroll Mode. This mode will choose the best suited method to control the current application. For example, PocketIE will scroll webpages, while swiping on the home screen will navigate up/down/left/right.
Supported Devices

HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Pro.

More documentation in here

I downloaded ands tried GScroll for a while but I eventually removed it as it was a bit too slow. I prefer turning my smart wheel on in all the applications which results in a better user experience.

(Wanna learn how to do that? Click here...)

Download Demo


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