How To: Work with both TouchFlo 3D and the Standard Today Screen

I really love this one:

When I just started using the TouchFlo 3D I was certain it will be a matter of days before I switch it off and go back to my favorite SPB Mobile shell or the good old WinMo Today screen.

But as time went by, I found many ways to improve TouchFlo 3D (speed and other tweaks) and started to actually like it.

But still, I missed the ability to add more content to it, similar to the way Today plug-ins can be added to a Today screen.

So, I started looking for ways to combine both: WinMo Today screen and TouchFlo3D.

The solution is done by using a small utility called SecondToday.


This is exciting! I love it!

I installed it and now it's easy to toggle between the TouchFlo 3D UI and the standard Today screen with just one click! Yippee!

Screen29 Screen28

I think it's one of the best tweaks for the TouchFlo 3D - judge for yourself:

Download the SecondToday freeware

Did I mention I really love this tip?

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Parrotlover77 said…
I like ManilaControl even better. Instead of having Manila hog the Today screen and then using a secondary Today host (which is what SecondToday does), MC gives you back your main WM Today screen while hosting Manila in its own isolated process.

Switching between the two is easy by default, but to truely customize you have to dig into the registry. The config app is, unfortunately, lacking. Also, there's an app that runs at midnight on some HTC phones (ManilaActivateToday.exe) that must be removed from the Notification Queue if you don't want MC to crash every night at midnight. (Nobody is entirely sure what ManilaActivateToday does yet, but nothing harmful has resulted in removing it from the NotificationQueue that anybody has noticed yet.)

Despite these minor issues, it really works great if you have issues with SecondToday. My main issue with SecondToday was that not all Today plugins work with it! A good deal of very useful ones crash. A second more minor issue is that it's designed (apparently) for QVGA devices, so when you set Today plugs to use a fixed height, you have to divide the real value by two because WM pixel-doubles SecondToday behind the scenes (ie, if you want a plug to use 400 pixels on a VGA device, you have to set it to 200 pixels). Additionally, some plugins don't update correctly in SecondToday (such as when you return to the Today screen, a refresh may happen normally, but under SecondToday nothing happens).

Anyway, check it out. Where's it from? XDA, of course!
Stewart said…
Wow, I'm going to try it right away. I did found some issues with some plugins not running in SecondToday.

Can you please add explain how to perfrom those steps you were talking about?