HTC Touch HD Wins Another Battle!

HD knockout copy

Another great victory for HTC and Windows Mobile with the Touch HD beating the guts out of Android, Storm, and iPhone!

If you are reading this blog, you already know that HTC knocked out the competitors in a poll we did couple of weeks ago, but this time it's a fun video contest done by Jon Bentley.

He did a contest between those 4 leading devices, and disqualified 1 by 1:

The Android fell because of immaturity of the OS, and some problems sending and editing word attachments.

The Storm disqualified because of typing problems and no WiFi.

(BTW, who creates a device with no Wifi???)

And then there were 2: iPhone vs. HD.

The sexiest one against the manliest one... (this doesn't sound right...)

And HD won because of better battery life.

I couldn't find a way to embed this video, so click on the image to see it in the FiveFWD site or click here.


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