HTC Touch Pro is in the house!


It's Big!

It's Powerful!

It’s the best smartphone in the world!

IT's HTC Touch Pro!

OK, so the story goes like that: couple of weeks ago I published a poll in order to know your opinion about what is the best smartphone in the world.

The poll took place here at the Mobile Spoon and also at MobilitySite where I write every once in a while with a lot of pleasure.

One week later I published the results of he poll, and it was an amazing knock out for HTC with both the Touch Pro and Touch HD receiving over 60% of the votes.

The winner was HTC Touch Pro: (complete results in here)

winner copy

I somehow finished the post with the following words:

"HTC: if you are reading this post, I think I deserve brand new HD and Pro devices (OK, I settle for just one of them... pretty please?).

After all - I need to know the phone that just won the title "best in the world" - in person, right?

(Say yes! Say yes! I promise to write a fair review about it!)"

At that time I was not aware that someone did actually read it.

So after few days I got a small package, written HTC on it...

Hmm... I thought to myself, suspicious as I always am: is it a bomb sent by Apple as a result of my negative iPhone thoughts?

Could it be that someone from HTC or Microsoft is actually reading my humble blog?

Was it a mistake not to write: "I need 1 million dollar" instead?

I guess Microsoft are not reading my blog, but chances are that they are reading MobilitySite! And they did!

So although my friends worn me not to open the box I did it.

(OK, you caught me there, my wife did...)

And guess what?

HTC Touch Pro.

For my review.

So, I guess now it's my part of the deal.

For a week now I'm using the Pro as a phone, and I already have some interesting insights about this amazingly equipped device.

As usual - not everything is positive, but it's Windows Mobile - the best mobile platform, my favorite one, and as you already know my reviews - I will try to stick with the areas that interest me such as user interface, device usability etc.

I will write my thoughts in a new series of posts titled: Touch Pro Thoughts starting very soon (probably this weekend).

So be sure to check out the Mobile Spoon in a couple of days - the best way to stay tuned with new posts is to subscribe using your favorite RSS Reader.


More about the Pro - soon.

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Stewart said…
Would be nice to hear your opinion about a Windows Mobile handset after using Apple's iphone.
Bubby said…
I have a Fuze and found I had to tweak it here and there. I haven't done every tweak and a few of them I have undone. It's a good phone.

I will be interested to hear your thoughts on an untweaked phone. If you want to know my favorite tweaks and software, check out my review(s) at,, and
Anonymous said…
Why do you need so many tweaks in one phone?
I think it means something about the phone
amit said…
Ha, I was right that you've laid your hands on one of the phones & a review is coming up! :P

Why do you need so many tweaks in one phone?
I think it means something about the phone

Yeah it definitely says something! It says that the platform is not locked to the users who paid for their device & the platform on it. They can customize it to suit their needs since 1 size doesn't fit all. But you wouldn't know anything about customization as you seem to be from the fruit camp! :P ;)