Humiliating Moments With Your Mobile Phone

1274-251nick1983, the online leader in one-stop comparison shopping for cell phones,did a contest named: "Most Embarrassing Moment with Your Phone".

Here's the winners and their humiliating stories:

#1. Karen Emerson

Unfortunate, yet amusing story of absentmindedly forgetting her cell phone in her garter belt on her wedding day and having it ring to the tune of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" at the most inopportune time -- as her father walked her down the aisle.

#2. Jon Froehlich

Believing he was speaking to a co-worker on the phone, Jon Froehlich referred to his boss, Mr. Clifford, as "The Big Red Dog", referencing the popular children's book. Unfortunately, it was Mr. Clifford on the other line.

#3. Stacy Sawyer

Stacy Sawyer had to mitigate an argument between her parents because her father was continuously receiving text messages from "Lo-Cell", whom her mother believed was another woman, when in reality, Sawyer's father was merely receiving notifications that his battery was low!

#4. David Toledo

David Toledo accidently dropped his BlackBerry into an airplane toilet on a flight to visit a client. He was able to fish it out of the toilet and it was still fully operational. However, when he arrived to the meeting, he was informed by his client that he had a huge blue stain on his face. The disinfectant in an airplane toilet was much stronger than he thought.

The five winning stories, in their entirety, can be found at


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Stewart said…
I vote for number #4.