iDialer - a free iPhone-like dial pad for Windows Mobile


Just found this great looking application called iDialer.

It looks exactly like the iPhone's phone interface (which by the way I find less efficient than other phone applications).

Here's what the developer has to say about iDialer:

"iDialer is a finger-friendly dialpad for Windows Mobile PocketPC phones. It's simple, easy to use, speedy, and well integrated with iContact! It works with both VGA and QVGA, in both portrait and landscape mode! It can be used to replace your built-in dialpad or as an easy front end for GrandCentral, (in beta), and JaJah!

iDialer is a work in progress... planned future updates include:

  • Better OS integration
  • Speed Dial
  • in-call screen

Check out the xda-developers thread!"

Developer's site:

A mobile friendly download link can be found in here.

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