iPhone grabs 30% of U.S. smartphone market

Microsoft's WinMo continues to decline...

Here's some figures I found in Fortune (Link by WMPowerUsers):


As you can see above, 2008 was the year of the changeovers:

RIM Passed (for the second time actually) Microsoft's market share.

But then came the second half of the year bringing iPhone 3G and another changeover took place, and now Apple's iPhone is leading the chart leaving RIM as second best and Microsoft... well... see the chart for yourself.

But you know what's interesting? this:


Seems like the entire resolution of the chart changes when adding Nokia's Symbian to the scope... hmmm. There is however a decrease in Nokia's performance as well.

Here's the situation in the US market:RIM Continues to lead but Apple is becoming a serious threat for the others...

US Market

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