Just Got Your Touch Pro / Fuze, What Do You Do Next?


My friend Doug from FuzeMobility has just compiled a HUGE list of tips and tweaks for HTC Touch Pro / Fuze.

Since I got my Touch Pro I've been doing a lot of modifications to the TouchFlo 3D and other options on the device. (read more about my tips in here).

I went over the list and it includes almost any important tip you can think of. I definitely recommended on reading it - even if you don't have a Fuze.

Few examples:

- How to fix too "yellow" pictures (link)

- How to speed up your Touch Pro keyboard (link and actual link)

And many many more useful tips.

Link: http://www.ppcmobility.com/forums/showthread.php?t=367

Thanks for the great info, Doug!

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