Mobile Spoon Exclusive: How to Add an 'OK' Button in HTC Touch Diamond / Pro / Fuze


Breaking news! You will love this one:

Ever since I got my HTC Touch Pro I'm trying to tweak it around in order to boost the performance, improve the user interface and configure a hardware 'OK' button.

The Internet is full with people and bloggers complaining about the useless 'Back' button of the Touch diamond / Pro and asking for ways to configure an 'OK' button instead.

Check for yourself!

But today - I'm going to reveal the solution!

How to add an 'OK' button to your HTC Touch Diamond / Pro:

Here's how to do it:

1. Open your contacts

2. Add a new contact

3. Set a name to the new contact called: OK Button

4. Click on the 'Back' button


Your new contact was added... the 'Back' button acted like it's an 'OK' button!

Is that amazing or what?

(BTW, there's a shorter way to do it which does not require any step at all... :-))


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Anonymous said…
If you want a true close button on a Fuze you can just map the PTT button to close. if you have a Touch Pro you can make a long press of the phone key equal a true 'close' button as well (make this app the button 1 applciation under Settings). This is where to find the 'close' application: and direction on PTT remapping
Stewart said…
Why do I need it if the Back performs the same thing?
Anonymous said…
back does not perform the same thing. It's only the same sometimes. Often it's a minimize button (like if you are in IE and hit back it takes you toy our homescreen but leaves IE open). If you have a command line open (like creating a new contact) then it acts like a close button. Otherwise it's just a minimize button.
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