Mobile Spoon Statistics

We are just about to end 2008 and the Mobile Spoon finally reached the number of 200 subscribers via FeedBurner [twice as it was two months ago].


The average visits per day is currently 350 (resulting in around 1000 page views per day) and it's getting bigger every week - which is, for an (8 months) hobby - pretty nice.

The visits come from 150 different countries/territories, here's the big ones:


And the most popular pages are the following:


During the last 8 months I wrote about a lot of freewares for Windows Mobile, and tons of user interface enhancements, complained a lot about many subjects, performed few polls and some weekend quizzes, wrote a few blackBerry thoughts, iPhone thoughts, and recently some about HTC Touch Pro, tweaked everything around  and mostly - had a lot of fun!

So, if you enjoyed reading the Mobile Spoon and haven't subscribed just yet - go ahead!

It's the easiest thing to do - just click here.


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