MobileMatt - Free TouchFlo Skins


I just found this great looking site called MobileMatt.

The site includes some nice skins and themes for Windows Mobile.

Actually it's mostly about TouchFlo and TouchFlo 3D.

I didn't try to install it yet, but I'm going to, very soon now...

Here's some screenshots of the FuzeBerry skin.

UPDATE: Installed it and I love it! It even added few more tabs to my TouchFlo 3D! I didn't know there's a way to do that! What a pure joy!

 Preview_FuzeBerry  pc_capture16

And here's a short video demonstration:

Link: HOME.

Don't forget to check out the installation instructions before installing.

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MobileMatt said…
Couldn't have said it better! Thanks for the props....

Anonymous said…
Cool Stuff MobileMatt.
Are there additional TouchFlo 3D skins on the way?
MobileMatt said…
The FuzeBerry is almost perfected so it wont be long...
Stewart said…

Here's an idea for you:
A joint skin with the Mobile Spoon's "mobile super heroes" images... I really liked the last one you did with the amazing Hulk the Touch Pro
MobileMatt said…
Check out my TF2D Capitan America Skin..
Stewart said…
Will it work on my Diamond?
MobileMatt said…
Sorry to say, this is for TouchFlo 2D (qvga)such as the Tilt.