Mobinnova ICE - a new Windows Mobile Device Phone


Ohhh, I love it when things hit up in the mobile arena:

Mobinnova, the company who manufactured the iMate Ultimate 8502 and 9502, has a new device called: ICE.

Ohhh x2!

The device looks... well, exactly like an iPhone, and seem to be running some kind of an SPB Mobile Shell UI (if the picture is deceiving...). In addition it seems like the d-Pad is somewhat virtual... Can it be?


According to pocketnow: ” It’s got a 3 inch flush touch screen, accelerometer, 256MB ROM/128MB RAM, WiFi, Bluetooth, FM Radio, TV-out, GPS, MicroSD slot, Triband 3G, Quadband GSM, and a custom interface running on top of Windows Mobile 6.1. ”


We like new WinMo devices.



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