Most Will Access Web Via Cell Phones by 2020

 "By the year 2020, a majority of tech savvy citizens will be attached to their touch-screen and voice recognition-based smart phones, blurring the lines between personal and work time, as well as physical and virtual reality, according to a Tuesday study.

How does that differ from 2008?

People are currently addicted to their BlackBerry or iPhone devices, but by 2020, those devices will be the primary Internet connection for most people around the globe, according to the report from Pew Internet & American Life Project."

Source: PC Magazine.

Personally I already find myself using my mobile devices for many of my online activities:

- I too am addicted to sending mails from Blackberry - as nowadays, mails are not just a working tool but also an endless chat with your work colleagues while performing the actual work 24/4 (well, maybe: 18/7).

- I read some of my RSS feeds from my WinMo device

- I mostly use Gmail from iPhone.

With so many Wifi spots all over the place combined with devices which focus on online capabilities - I think we will see the trend increasing much earlier than 2020.