NavTetris - a free Tetris game that uses HTC accelerometer


If you like playing Tetris and hold one of HTC's Touch device - here's a nice Christmas-themed Tetris game combined with the hardware accelerometer.

"NavTetris is a Tetris game for touch pro / Diamond. Tetrominoes can be moved and rotated based on the readings from accelerometer and scrollwheel sensors. It should work on both Portrait and Landscape modes."

Bricks can be moved by tilting your device to the left or right, or by using the left or right key.

Bricks can be rotated by using the scrollwheel (both directions), or by using the up/enter key (only clockwise direction).

Bricks can be dropped to the bottom by using the “down” key.

Try it out! It's a freeware.

Click here to download


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