Night Effect - by Emporio Armani and Samsung

This unusual phone is called Night Effect by Emporio Armani and Samsung.

I found some nice pictures of it in the iTech News Net.

After some creepy designs, finally a phone that looks cool:


The Emporio Armani / Samsung Night Effect M7500 has a 2/2-inch AMOLED screen, a 3.2 Megapixel camera, media player, Bluetooth, 128MB internal memory and a microSD card slot.

Around the body of the Night Effect, you can find LED that can show green, red or blue light.

emporio-armani-samsung-night-effect-m7500-unboxed-10 emporio-armani-samsung-night-effect-m7500-unboxed-13 emporio-armani-samsung-night-effect-m7500-unboxed-12


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