Palm's App Store - I gave it a try


Palm has released an App Store (powered by PocketGear). I downloaded it to my old Treo 750, but it seems that the application shortcut actually opens up a... web page... brrr...

It was supposed to look like this:


But the user interface seems to be a bit unadjusted to WinMo's PIE. I can only assume Palm designed it to fit their own browser or the Treo Pro's unusual 320 x 320 screen.

So this is what I got:


The download seemed to work just fine, the only problem is: THEY DON'T SAY WHICH PLATFORM IT IS MEANT TO RUN ON!!!

Like: Hello Palm, good morning?! You have 2 different OS on your devices? We need some kind of indication on each app - which OS it is targeted for!?

Lucky for me, I know my way around (a bit), so I can tell by the screenshots - whether the app is running on WinMo (you can see the start icon on the top bar) - but this is an great example for a BAD UI.

Even though I'm a Palm fan I have to say: this thing suck.

Download Palm's App Store


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