Palm Continues to Decline


I was sad to read another negative post about Palm, this time in MobilitySite.

You all know my personal feelings about Palm's Treo and specifically the Treo Pro, but I guess Darren Humphries is right. Palm is lost somewhere in-between too many problems. (see a similar post I wrote few months ago about it...).

Couple of days ago I picked up one of my oldest PDAs (the first one was an iPAQ, the second was Palm Treo 600, then I started working with Windows Mobile and moved to civilization).

hst600_01 I had to fill the battery and after few hours I opened up the Treo 600 and played with it for a while.

I still think that they design of the OS along with the device gives a perfect single hand navigation through the tabs, views, and button.

The keyboard is sooooo horrible, and the screen resolution seems like ancient history. 

Still, brought up some nice memories.

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