Samsung Omnia - what do you think of it?


I know the Omnia did not perform very well in the "Best Smartphone in the world" competition we recently did, but according to many sites and blogs - it is probably one of the best WinMo devices today.

Beyond the great specs, there's really a lot of custom UI in the device, not as fancy as the TouchFlo 3D, but probably more productive.

Here's what GadgetsZone had to say about it:

"The Omnia has a beautiful 3.2  inch 240x400 display that dominates the front of the device. It isn’t quite as high-res as some of its competitors, but it looks great and is extremely responsive. The biggest problem with some of these touch screen handsets is that the display isn’t sensitive enough to a finger press. Fortunately the Omnia passes with flying colours.
In fact, Samsung are so adamant that you won’t need a stylus that there isn’t a slot for one! Some may see this as a nuisance, but in a week of use without it we can safely say that the stylus can stay in the box."

Having second thoughts anyone?


Anonymous said…
I think the Omnia is much better than the iPhone
gil said…
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Stewart said…
WinMob device with no stylus?
Sounds a bit risky to me.
carlos j medina said…
i hope in the next version they add a more common screen resolution. i don't know what Samsung was thinking? good think there is a app that makes most games and applications work on this type of resolution