SokoSave - Free Sokoban game for Windows Mobile


As a child I used to play Sokoban (and wasn't too good at it).

There are few mobile versions of the game but SokoSave is supposed to be user friendly (I'm using the term 'supposed to' because I didn't check it yet myself).

Here's the features list - from the developer's site:

  • Works with Pocket PC devices running Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 5, and Windows Mobile 2003.
  • Supports high-resolution VGA and low-resolution QVGA
  • video modes in both portrait and landscape orientations, as well as 3rd-party pseudo high-resolution SE_VGA and OzVGA modes.
  • Plays classic Sokoban puzzles, as well as Multiban puzzles.
  • Includes more than 4800 puzzles.
  • Computer-assisted movement and intuitive game controls. Simple screen tapping actions move objects automatically over long distances and complex paths.
  • Unlimited undo and redo.
  • Automatically saves and restores game positions.
  • Highlights legal moves and pushes.
  • Puzzle browser with preview. Recognizes puzzle collections stored one per file, several per file, and in ZIP(external link) archives.
  • Simple import of puzzle collections downloaded from the Internet.
  • Configurable appearance and behavior.

Try it out - it's completely free!

Download SokoSave

Visit developer's site


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