Some Android News

Even though I didn't like the design of the first Android phone and couldn't understand why so many people are rushing to get the first version of the Google phone, I thought it would be good to mention some updates about this emerging mobile platform:



Garmin has announced that they will be releasing their own Android-powered devices sometime in the second half of 2009, shortly after the company’s delayed nuvifone. (Read more...)


samsung_omnia_android Samsung is working on their own “Gphone” with the aim of second quarter 2009 for Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile.

Samsung currently has 30 Linux and Java experts working very hard on pushing out the new Android-powered handset. They have a team of up to 80 developers currently working on this project. These developers have reportedly been hard at work for about a year now, all we know is Sprint better get a phone quick. (Read more...)

T-Mobile G2 - Coming soon?

There are some crazy rumors about a new Android-powered handset that is coming to T-Mobile and will appropriately be called the T-mobile G2. G2? Already?  I don't buy it so easily...

The new device will (probably) feature: Android OS, 3G capable ( where available), Full touch Screen, Enterprise Capable, WiFi capable ( no word about UMA), 5 Megapixel camera with autofocus and flash, Address Book, Calculator, Calendar, EDGE and GPRS, Games, Instant Messaging, Megatones, HI-Fi tones and wallpapers, Memory card Slot ( up to 16GB), Mobile Backup, Music and Video Player, Phone Book, Photo Caller ID, Picture Messaging, Real web browsing, Speakerphone, Speed dial, Stereo Bluetooth connectivity, Sync with PC ( better than air sync), Task list, USB interface, Video capture and playback, Video Messaging, Voice Dialing, myFaves capable and T-Zones. (Read more...)

On-Screen (virtual) Keyboard for Android:

Here's a video showing the new virtual keyboard for the Android, leading the way for touch-screen only devices.

The keyboard will probably be part of an update pack for the Android OS called: “cupcake”, that will also include other improvements.

More details in here.


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