Windows Mobile 10 Best Achievements For 2008


Msmobiles has published their 10 biggest achievements of the Windows Mobile powered hardware and software.

Here's the list (with my personal explanation attached):

1. HTC Touch Diamond phone - for being the first stylish WinMo phone, leading the way to many other (much better) devices.
2. HTC Touch HD phone - for being the best Windows Mobile phone.
3. Palm Treo Pro phone - for being the best Windows Mobile phone.

Oh, I said it already, but hey, I did not compose the list, but if I would - the Treo Pro would have been number #1!!!

4. Skyfire - I don't know what this one is doing here, I tried it once, it worked a bit slow and had some stability issues, may need to check it again...

5. Kinoma - the best media consumption software for Windows Mobile - it can do music, YouTube, podcasts, videos. pictures, audiobooks, streaming radio.

6. SPB Keyboard Pro - For being the leading virtual keyboard application for Windows Mobile.

7. BeyondPod - (They said it's) the best free podcast catcher - continuously upgraded and great functionality. I personally don't use it.

8. - the best website about Microsoft-powered phones - I agree - this is the one I enjoy the most.

9. Internet Explorer Mobile 6 - Why is this one here? Not sure...

10. The best person of the year - Roz Ho from Microsoft who is working on “Project Pink” (probably: Zune services or Zune phone) together with 500 people, whom she manages.

I would add SPB Mobile Shell - for being the best shell application for Windows Mobile, and probably the best application on this platform. Period.

What do you think?

Is there anything left out?

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