Windows Mobile Essentials - Building Up a New WinMo Device - From Scratch...

Look out! Tons of freewares coming through!

Few days ago I noticed my device does not synchronize anymore with ActiveSynch. I tried a couple of fixes which didn't work so I decided it's time to format the thing. You know, start all over again...

Here's a summary of all the applications I've installed after performing the hard reset - a lot of freewares coming through!

SPB Mobile Shell

Best Shell application ever created for Windows Mobile. Without a doubt - my favorite application - and also the only one in this post which is not free (but it's worth it, believe me)

Completely changes the way I work on my mobile device, I love it.

See previous posts I wrote about it including download links

The first thing I do after installing this beauty is to re-configure some of the default settings; removing the useless today screen, configuring the shortcuts menu, and changing the scheme colors... let's pick something special this time... Blue.

There it is.


.Net compact Framerowk

Most applications will not work without it - if your device is not new - you probably don't have it by default - so use the following links to download and install it.

.Net Compact Framework 2

.Net compact Framework 3.5

MyMobiler - Remote Desktop for Windows Mobile

This is a genius application. Not sure everyone needs it - but for me it's one of the first things I install whenever I start using a WinMo.

Luckily this app knows how to install itself automatically on every new device which means once you have it on your PC - it will be passed to the phone automatically.

If you don't have it yet - get it, it gives you a full control on your device from your PC, it has the capability to get screenshots and even videos. Fantastic app.

Download MyMobiler

Advanced Centrifugation Tool

Old version: Advanced configuration Tool for Windows Mobile

New version: Advanced Configuration Tool - All the WinMo Tweaks in one freeware (this one has more options but requires compact framework 3.5)

The reason I like this freeware is that it gives an easy way to disable the annoying security warnings every time I install a freeware.


So now I have beautiful UI, powerful platform to continue with and some personalized configuration.

Windows Mobile in its' best - just like I love it. (who's your daddy now Apple?)


OK, it's true that I developed this one, but it's in my recommendations list because I really love it. it's simple, the UI is finger friendly and it fits my needs and hey, it has been downloaded by over 100,000 people so far!)


Download SpoonAlarm

Office Mobile 6.1

In case your device does not run Windows Mobile 6.1 - this is a must.

It's a free upgrade to all the office applications.

Download Office Mobile 6.1


This great freeware tweaks your winMo lists to become scrollable by finger - just like the iPhone does.

Download FTouchFlo


SpoonDo1 copy Another tool I built mainly due to my personal need.

BTW, not that I mean to brag or anything, but you all know I just purchased an iPhone, up to know I downloaded around 7-8 free tasks applications (yeah I know, iPhone doesn't have that built in...dhaaa) - and so far I like none of them... brrr...

Anyways, SpoonDo! is a simple but efficient free tasks manager.

Read more

Download SpoonDo!


Another free app that will improve your WinMo phone. Some devices may not need it due to built-in plug-ins but if you are looking for a good contacts application - this is the one.


Download iContact

Macromedia Flash Player 7

Flash for Windows Mobile. You never know when you may need it.

Download Macromedia Flash Player 7

Opera mini

Without a doubt, Opera is a leading Internet browser application.

There are some alternatives, but from my humble experience Opera is much better.

If you are looking for a free alternative - Opera Mini can be an option as well.

Download Opera Mini


The Core Player is probably the best media player for Windows Mobile.
If you are interested in seeing movies on your WM device—this is the perfect solution.

I think it's no longer a freeware - but here's a link to the older version which works fine for me (every flight...).

Download TCPMP


Great way to combine all of your messengers in one app.

I like the user interface of this one, even though I normally don't use it that often.

Download Fring

PocketCM Image viewer

The best free image viewer I know. iPhone like user interface, powerful zoom (the best I tried so far) - a very good app.

Download PocketCM Image viewer


All the important Google apps in one freeware. Nice one.

Download Google2Go

ZNax &Shift

There's a lot of nice free games for Windows Mobile but those two are the best ones! If you have a partner to compete against - those are great games - and a freewares too.

(which reminds me - my wife just broke my ZNax record few days ago... I must finish this post and spare some time for a comeback)

Download ZNax

Download Shift

PHM Registry Editor

If you like tweaking your device back and forth - this one is for you.

A great editor - very old but still working - similar to the registry editor of Windows XP etc.

Has some bugs every now and then but not things that ruin the device completely (I encountered some saving problems few times but nothing serious)

Download Registry Editor

BTW, the first thing I do after downloading PHM Registry Editor is to change the popup menu font to make my device more finger friendly.

I usually change the font size from 800 to 1000 (in points) which seems like turning it from size 8 to size 9 or 10.

If you wish to learn more how to do it - click here.

That's it for tonight. 1-2 hours (ok maybe 3) and you have an upgraded Windows Mobile device; improved user interface, lot's of tweaks, few productivity tools and all (except for one) - for free!

(Oh, and don't forget to backup your device once you have all your favorite apps in place... Winking)


Freewares There's a lot of additional freeware out there, you can find all the ones that were reviewed here (only interesting ones of course) under the keyword freeware (also located in the left sidebar).



If you have additional 'must have' applications for Windows Mobile - share it with us (comments or email) - and I will wrap up your suggestions in a follow-up post.



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amit said…
For browser I'd suggest try NetFront v3.5 Concept Version for Windows Mobile. Its a damn good one & I think you will find it better than iPhone's Safari, it renders pages just like a browser would on a PC & its got tabbed browsing! :) Its just that it takes up a bit of memory to run, 6MB minimum. So if I open 2 full websites on my mobile it tends to get a bit too much as it goes over 14MB!!

Also, for IM try Palringo. Its free & I like it better than Fring as Fring logs into all networks immediately & doesn't give option to login to only selective networks. On Palringo, like any other good multi IM app you choose to login into whichever network you want! :)
Leonick said…
Hmm not many essentials i say...

as for office 6.1...
i only have windows mobile 6.0 and well the updates page says it add support for new office formats and some more, i already have that, : / strange

Maybe S2U2? I consider that an essential
Mary Branscombe said…
Skyfire; awesome WinMo browser