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Many readers of this blog are looking for some free Windows Mobile apps (I can see that using Google Analytics whih gives some very nice statistics of the users preferences).

So I decided to dedicate a post on some links which I think can be useful whenever you are looking for Windows Mobile freeware.

Links inside the Mobile Spoon:

For some of my personal recommendations - click the SpoonMan Recommends link. Those posts include only the things which I think are essential for Windows Mobile users.

For the entire list of freeware which I reviewed here at the Mobile Spoon - click on the All Freewares link.

Here's some other resources I'm using for Windows Mobile freeware:


PocketPC Freeware Download


My today Screen


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amit said…
Besides I subscribe to the feed of 1800pocketpc & find some cool stuff there. And also it offers wallpaper packs now & then, nice to have those to work with S2U2! :)