Apple's New Laptop - Exclusive Video!

The Mobile Spoon continues to submit exclusive videos, and today, the new Apple laptop!


Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

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Leonick said…
wow those user comments got to be fake... didnt realise how much he hated keyboards until he tried that, so you dont like typing fast, scrolling trough the letters dont seem that fast...

also i cant see a touch pad anywhere so i guess this replaces that too... why not keep the keyboard for people who dont like to spend 45mins on an email and put thise wheel where the touch pad usually is...
Anonymous said…

(it's funny how every class has that someone who doesn't understand jokes)
Leonick said…
Ah now i see... its the onion... :p i am not that one who dosnt understand jokes, but when viewing this in the morning and knowing how stupid apple actually is... it wouldnt have surprised me