Asus P565 video review- worth watching


Hey, the fastest WinMo phone is here, and GadgetMix did a comprehensive review about it.

Head over to GadgetMix and check out a lot of pictures and details about the new device.

pc_capture112 pc_capture102

The reviewer specifically mentioned the screen sensitivity which feels great (see video as well). It's about time they make a smooth touch screen like they used to be few years ago.

It does, however, seems like the glide user interface is not yet polished (but we knew that already, right?)

Will be interesting to install the TouchFlo 3D on this device and check the speed of it...

pc_capture162 pc_capture152

Here's the summary of the review:


  • Great professional design
  • Leather finish is a great touch. It gives it a premium device feeling for sure
  • Flushed screen
  • Responsive screen
  • Speedy processor (Intel PXA930 800MHz)
  • Auto-Focus 3MP camera takes decent pictures
  • Quite light at 120gm
  • Nice included case


  • Glide interface requires a lot of work to be done
  • It may be the fastest Windows Mobile, but no way the fastest PDA-phone.
  • Micro-SD slot not easily accessible
  • Only 56MB of free RAM after bootup out of total 128MB RAM
  • 5MP cameras are on the rage right now although the 3MP camera in it performs quite nicely
  • No 3.5mm headphone jack


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