Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms

The report talks about Mobile Enterprise Application Platform which refers to mobile infrastructure for developing applications, server side tools, middle-tiers, connection management, security etc.


Notice that Sybase it the leading company in both ability to execute and being visionary. Microsoft is second in the ability to execute but is located pretty bad in being visionary. Most leading companies in this report are the ones which have multiple platform support (working with WinMo, laptops, Symbian, Blackberry etc.)

Few highlights:

  • Most significantly, Microsoft, Apple and Research In Motion (RIM) have developed broad mobile application development (AD) toolkits that are focused on single-platform development rather than multichannel development. In the cases where a simple approach (such as a single, complex application for a single target) is required, these represent viable long-term choices. We estimate that this approach ranges from 40% to 70% of deployed enterprise applications, depending on industry. Gartner believes that this percentage will decrease as more enterprises face multichannel requirements to support greater device and operating system (OS) diversity.
  • Many organizations are decentralized, so dictating a single mobile enterprise platform is difficult. In many cases, tactical platforms/tools will augment strategic ones. These organizations will often be driven to third-party device management and security vendors, or move toward a more architectural approach in the future.
  • Link to the report


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    FormotusGlen said…
    Maybe Formotus should be on that magic quadrant, far to the right for vision and rapidly rising in its ability to execute. Except our solution for custom mobile application development may be too lean to consider it a MEAP.

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    FormotusGlen said…
    Sorry, here's a corrected link to Formotus solutions:

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