iLap - Free GPS Racing Lap Timer for Windows Mobile


I found the following freeware in a great site I'm following for a long time now - 1800PocketPC. This site is one of the best resources for good quality WinMo freewares.

iLap is a free laptimer for Windows Mobile, but the interesting part of it is that it uses GPS to show information about each lap.

It is using GPS information and has the following features:

  • GPS based windows mobile lap timer.
  • Use either an external or internal GPS
  • Supports Windows Mobile 5 & 6.
  • Supports 320×240, 640×480, 800×600 and 200×400 displays.
  • Records lap, section and split times for your track day sessions or for all kinds of sports like motorcycle/car track days, bicycling,running, sailing.
  • User defined tracks that can be saved and reloaded for reuse on return to a particular track for comparison to earlier sessions.
  • Displays lap time and comparison against fastest lap and speed at gate passage.
  • Review and browse lap and split times after the session.
  • Supports metric and imperial (english) units.
  • Easy definition of start/finish and split time gates using large on screen buttons for adding and removing gates on the fly out on the track.
  • Large, clear lap timer display for easy viewing.
  • No beacon/transmitter needed.

The application has a really nice user interface. Check for yourself:

asdf asdfg main-screen dfg

More information and the download links can be found in the developer's site.


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