Introducing Gecko - application installer and manager for Windows Mobile

Here's something I found in my favorite WinMo blog: WMPowerUsers:

Gecko is a free application designed to help Windows Mobile users to download and install applications more easily.

It is inspired from the AppStore of course, and for now it is still in beta phase.

Quoting the Gecko blog:

"Gecko is an application installer and manager for Windows Mobile. It is inspired from the Apple AppStore and the Ubuntu Package Manager.

For Windows Mobile users, installing an application has never been an easy process. There are cab files, exe files, msi installers and compressed files and each of them install differently. Most of the time, you will need to search for your application and then synchronise your device with your computer in order to install applications.

This is the problem Gecko will fix by providing a user-friendly application manager similar to the Apple App Store that will allow users to download all their applications from the same place without a computer. Gecko will also make sure your applications are always up to date and update them if necessary.

For developers, Gecko will offer several features to help them integrate Gecko functions in their applications. Software submission is easy and completely free. Your software will be hosted as long as you keep us updated with the latest version of your software."


If you like the idea - head over to the Gecko website and get updates about the project.

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