iPhone: How to display calendar information when there's no 'Today' screen?

At last!

One of the greatest features Windows Mobile has is being able to view the most important information in a snapshot (via the Today screen).

The iPhone may have a nicer user interface, but when it comes to checking out phone information, appointments, and tasks - it is missing the great Today Screen.

Today I found a nice freeware that adds the upcoming appointments to the lock screen of the iPhone.

Not perfect yet (cannot add today plug-ins...) but critically important for me!


The application is called: Lock Calendar and it can be downloaded using Cydia.

Source: Display Calendar Event on iPhone Lock Screen using Lock Calendar


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guest1 said…
when will Apple just put this into the software? You know they know how to do it - as well as a Profile Manager. Stop holding out on us... These 2 things are so common in Windows phones...