iPhone is the #1 mobile browsing device in the US


AdMob serves ads for more than 6000 mobile websites and over 400 400 mobile applications around the globe.

Every once in a while they are performing some interesting statistics of the devices and web browsers who performed the requests.

This information can hint on some trends in the mobile market.

Couple of days ago, they released AdMob’s December 2008 Mobile Metrics report which shows that the number of devices accessing the mobile web continues to rise. Traffic from the iPhone touch – one of the best selling holiday gifts – doubled on Christmas alone and was 3.4 times higher in December than in November. The iPhone OS has already surpassed the RIM OS and Windows Mobile combined - which I think is an amazing achievement.


As you can see in the pie-chart, in the US, in December, iPhone generated a whopping 48% of smartphone requests.


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