The mobile quarrel - the poll continues...


Couple of days ago I published the poll:

PalmPre vs. iPhone vs. WinMo vs. Android vs. BlackBerry - Round #2 - Fight!

The poll was a result of some nasty comments I got here (and mostly in MobilitySite) about my comparison between all the "hot phones", which were posted by some Android fans, complaining about the 0.3 points that I gave to the Android.

couple of days after publishing the poll, good time to check how we are doing:

Question #1:

Which mobile operating system is the best one, in your opinions?


Wow! Can it be that iPhone is taking over?

After all, this is mainly a Windows Mobile blog, most of the posts here talk about WinMo stuff, apps and freeware.

Can it be that Windows Mobile users actually yearn to get an iPhone?

Should I start writing about iPhone some more?




Question #2:

If you could have 2 devices, which one (OS) would you prefer as your second one?

poll2Wow! iPhone rules here as well.

What is hapenning here at the Mobile Spoon?

Should I change the name of the blog to iPhone Spoon?

Nope, probably not, but still, interesting to see the users opinion.

Coming second is the Palm Pre which certainly looks amazing, but not yet released.




If you don't agree with this poll, go on and vote, and change the results! (Link)