Mobile Spoon Feeding - Palm Pre, iPhone

spoonfeeding6 OK friends, you know I cannot wait to put my hands on one of those cool Palm Pre.

Until I manage to do so, here's some new information I found about the upcoming device, followed by some iPhone news.

Palm Pre's Camera:

cam Well, although it is just 3.2 megapixel it includes the latest imaging correction software from DxO Labs (leading player in the field of image analysis and correction).

It will improve significantly the quality of the images, especially for close-up pictures which are usually problematic.

The Adaptive Lighting will give a much brighter and better picture in low light conditions (hey, I think the iPhone does that too! Sue them Apple!)

You can read much more and see some example picture in here.

Prelauncher Pre to be released during February?

I guess not, but there are tons of rumors out there, and you know rumors, there's always behind them...

Boy, I sure cannot wait for February to end!

More rumors in PreCentral


6 Years Later- Was Steve Jobs the Smartest Man in Music-?

Some bullets from an interview conducted 6 years ago, seems like Jobs knew what he was talking about...

Read more in the iPhone Blog

iPhone 3 rumors:ipod_touch_faster_iphone_3g

Some code snippets show the possibility of a new version of the iPhone coming soon (soon means, according to the rumors - July).

Read more about it in here and here.

That's it for this week's spoon feeding. More feeds to come soon.


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