Mobile Spoon Feeding

spoonfeeding6 Checking out some of my favorite RSS feeds, let's see which ones were interesting enough to be mentioned in our weekly Mobile Spoon Feeding

Here's some of the nice posts I found in the Mobile Blogsphere.

Instead of me trying to rewrite them all over again - here's the original links.

keyboard Android Cupcake spied, coming soon?

There are some first images, and some information about the new features:

Improved look and the feel, a new transition when opening and closing apps, and a virtual keyboard.

Read more in MobileCrunch

g2 HTC T-Mobile G2 spotted!

No QWERTY keyboard, which means: virtual keyboard is a must... (see previous bullet...)

Read more in here

Motorola lays off team working on Windows Mobile phones

Motorola has notified the state that it will lay off 77 employees at its Plantation facility, effective March 27. The company said it will no longer conduct new Windows mobile development at the facility.

More in

Microsoft lays off team working on... Motorola phones?!?#?$%#?

Just kidding, but according to MSMobiles, Microsoft announced that it will fire 5000 people over next 18 months, and will move employees to the mobile division.



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