Mobile Spoon Feeding

spoonfeed3Checking out some of my favorite RSS feeds, let's see which ones were interesting enough to be mentioned in our weekly Mobile Spoon Feeding

Here's some of the nice posts I found in the Mobile Blogsphere.

Instead of me trying to rewrite them all over again - here's the original links.

thetwostevesWindows Mobile outsold the iPhone in Q4 2008

According to Steve Ballmer, in the recent earnings conference call, more than 5 million Windows Mobile units were sold in Q4 2008.  More than the 4.4 million iPhones sold announced in Apple’s own earnings release.

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Obama-Smartphone-Sectera-EdgeObama's new smartphone is running Windows CE.

The phone is a super-secure version of a phone called the Sectera Edge. It costs $3,350 and has a full QWERTY keyboard, a touchscreen, a secondary trusted display and two usb ports -- one classified and one not.

According to the images it looks as if it is running Windows CE. 

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iphone_nano_noApple Defuses iPhone nano Rumors- (at last)

Tim Cook: We’re not going to build a low-end voice phone. Our objective is not to be unit share leader, it’s to build the world’s best phone.

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