Mobile Spoon Presents: January's Favorites!


January is just about to end and I figured it's a good time to summarize this month's most popular posts:

A lot of tweaks related to Windows Mobile and especially the Touch Pro were released during January (and also December), the popularity of those posts in general was high.

All the tweaks can be found under the label Tweaks.

If you are looking for HTC stuff specifically, use the Diamond or Pro labels. They will probably take you where you want to go.

But enough with that, here's the 5 most popular posts of the month:

Number #5: Palm Pre - WebOS User Interface Video Tour

small_Palm_Pre This one is simply a great video demonstration of the amazing upcoming Palm Pre with the new operating system which is threatening to give a good fight to the iPhone!

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Number #4: Tweak- Spice things up in your WinMo Task Bar with 'Colored Top Bar'

This cool freeware will add some colors to the standard task bar.

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Number #3: FingerMenu - Finger Friendly Menu for Windows Mobile

Another great freeware which will turn your Windows mobile device into a much more finger friendly device.

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Number #2: PalmPre vs. iPhone vs. WinMo vs. Android vs. BlackBerry - Fight!


This post caused me a lot of troubles with the great friends over at MobilitySite. I wrote the post in there as well, and some Android dudes which obviously did not like the results of it, decided to fight back. The result was around 40 furious comments to the post, few of them included personal accusations only real gadgets geeks can write...

But we don't mind, right? 3.39% of the entire page views of this month belongs to this article. Here's the post.


Number #1

small_HTC copy The undisputed number #1 post of this month is the one with 6.87% page views: 10 tips for true happiness with HTC Touch Pro / Fuze / Diamond!

Great, so most of the readers probably read this already, but in case not - now is the time to check it out!

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