Ocarina Contest Results


iPhone app store certainly includes a lot of useless crappy apps, but one which may be useless at first, is a real innovative app called Ocarina. It transform your iPhone into a musical instrument, and it actually lets you play music.

The startup behind this app is Smule. They recently did a contest calles “This Contest Blows” to see how far people would go with this new instrument.

Here's a list of links to videos of the best ones.

The winners, by the way, will receive $1,000 each. Nice.

* Hardrockgrl’s “Oh Shenandoah
* David Choi’s cover of “Hot N Cold
* “Sadness and Sorrow
* Monkey Head
* Good sleep, fast sleep
* Greetings from Hungary
* “Whistle Stop
* “Carol of the Bells
* “Song of Storms
* “Music of the Nose.” (done by nose blowing...)

Here's one of the videos, in case you are too lazy to click on the links...

Tip by: Amir


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