Palm Pre - some interesting information and new features revealed!


Check out this video interview of Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners.

He is clearly a gadgets freak! But his passion and words actually make sense to me!

Listen to what he has to say about the drive behind the webOS:

I don't know if you;ve noticed, but there are couple of hidden features Roger is hinting about:

- Automatic alerts whenever you are running late to your next appointment

- Daily agenda (I think it's the thing I miss the most in the iPhone)

- "Synergy" method of combining contacts and calendars from multiple locations (including LinkedIn)

Here's a quote I liked:

"But better than that, it does stuff for you. So when you wake up in the morning, it has taken your calendar -- if you ask it to -- and downloaded the maps for you whole day, it's downloaded the wikipedias for the people you're going to visit and the companies you're going to see... Why is it on PCs you have to go and do all that?"

Brilliant. Where do I sign?

Check out some more Palm Pre stuff at the Mobile Spoon!

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