Palm Treo Pro, Again, I know...


A minute before Palm enveils their amazing new stuff in CES, here's a reminder of the best WinMo device ever created (I know it although I don't have one...) - the Treo Pro.

Perfect design, built-in keyboard, fast (like any Palm device in the past), and most of all - running Windows Mobile 6.1.

This is exactly the things I like WinMo devices for.

I know I keep saying how I like this device, but it's just because I really like this device... if any of the readers is using it and would like to send his review - please feel free to drop me an email about it:

Palm just redesigned their web-site, in case you are interested to check their products out.


babaq said…
I have heard that Treo Pro has some issues with cases - they are getting cracks. This has really frozen my passion for the device. I would love it, but not if it breaks in my pocket :(