Pictures From The Garage

Some people go to CES:


While other people go to mobile events held in a...


Believe if or not, I just came back from a mobile event held by a group called GarageGeeks.

Every month or two, they meet outside a garage to talk about mobility.

The presentations included Microsoft (didn't say that much), iPhone dev tools, Android dev tools, Fring dev platform and more.

While sitting... sorry, we were actually standing... I tried to take a picture using my Touch Pro. I have to say I tried each and every option, including the led flash on, and maximum brightness, and the best thing I could end up with was this:


Since it had such a bad quality, I tried the iPhone camera (for the first time in the dark...) and was amazed by the much better results.

Judge for yourself:


Those are almost the same pictures as the ones above, and you have to admit that iPhone's simple 2.0 megapixels has definitely beaten the s<beep>t out of the Pro's 3 megapixel (with led flash) camera.

How do you explain that?

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Anonymous said…
"How do you explain that?"

Possibly the Iphone's shutter is much slower than the Pro letting in more light?

I dunno never used either device.