Sensor Scroll - Freeware for HTC Touch Diamond / Pro / Fuze

touch-diamond2 Few days ago I posted about how to Make your Touch Diamond / Pro act like an iPod.

The solution was to use montecristoff freeware that lets you use the smart wheel gestures feature of the Touch devices to scroll lists as if you were using an iPod.

Much better than using the D-Pad!


Today I found another freeware created by demosten from the XDA-Developers that does just that.

It is supposed to be even better, as it also supports the Inbox and Messages window (which is not supported by the previous freeware I reviewed).

There's a way to exclude applications from using this feature (for example: Opera, which is excluded by default) by modifying a text file called no_process.txt.

According to FuzeMobility (where I first spotted this app): "Using SensorScroll you are just moving page up/down. The difference is that when you get to the page you need to press the item on the screen whereas with the old style you just hit the center of the dpad to select it. The benefit is that you scroll a lot faster (in file explorer you were going through each app one by one and not line by line)."

You may need to soft reset your device after installation.

To download SensorScroll click here or try here.


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Justin Abraham said…
Can anyone get this working with s2u2