SHBT MyHome brings Windows Mobile 7 to all of us!

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Windows Mobile 7 is not here yet, but for the guys in SHBT it doesn’t matter - they simply developed what seems to be the next generation of the Today Screen and the beauty of it is that it’s available right now for any Windows Mobile device (version 5, 6, 6.1).

I got a review version of SHBT MyHome and played with this cool application for a while. Here’s some of my thoughts of it.

First, unlike TouchFlo 3D or SPB Mobile Shell – SHBT MyHome is focusing on capturing all the important information in one snapshot.

It means that when you are using it, you get to see all of your phone information (calls log, SMS), Outlook mails and appointments, profiles and more - in just one screen! Not an easy task to do when you have that tiny WinMo screen, but SHBT does a great job in achieving that.

The advantage of it is that you don’t need to slide your finger around to see the information you are seeking, it’s all there in front of you.

On the other hand, don't expect a TouchFlo 3D substitute here, SHBT's approach is more simple and clean.


The design of the MyHome is very nice! (as can be seen in the pictures).

It includes several panels (lines), each panel represent a subject and can be expanded once you select it.

The application is working fast, especially if you are used to the TouchFlo which is somewhat heavy.

The bottom of the screen includes 3 buttons: start (which launches the selected application), windows (which opens the start menu) and end.

Above those 3 buttons, you can find some useful shortcuts in a panel called Media Bar. I have to admit I would rather replace that bar with an additional informative panel such as Outlook tasks etc.

SHBT Weather can be embedded in MyHome, which is nice, I hope SHBT will develop additional “plug-ins” such as the weather plug-in in the near future.

Another thing that immediately pops up is the perfect support for single hand navigation using the D-Pad. Many shell applications do not work perfectly with the D-Pad, but MyHome seems like it was designed for this navigation method. Well done!

Here’s some more beautiful images:

Screen31 Screen32 Screen33 Screen34

OK, but you all know me by now, and as always, I simply cannot review a software without complaining a little bit, so here are the things I miss in MyHome:

1. Auto-popup when the device wakes up is currently missing. It means that you need to manually launch MyHome which is a shame. Some people like it, but I prefer an auto popup.

2. Landscape mode: this is not a critical issue, but when using devices such as HTC Touch Pro, you really expect any shell application to auto adjust itself when you switch from portrait to landscape mode.

3. The media panel is not so trivial to operate with the finger gestures. On the other hand, as said below, it's working perfectly with the D-Pad which is good.

4. Appointments panel currently shows only the next appointment. I'm one of those guys who would like to see the daily agenda, which means - I need to see all of my appointments for the day. Would be great if it can be added in one of the next versions.



So to summarize, I think that beyond the beautiful design, MyHome is a great today screen which is also fun. It still has some weak points but that is subjective to the person who uses it. I think that more configuration capabilities will solve many of those issues.

If you enjoy using your TouchFlo 3D and don't mind the speed - you are probably not the one to take this software, but if you are using a device without a customized shell application - MyHome can enhance your device experience.

It seems like SHBT are constantly improving MyHome with more features, more themes (including self made themes) etc. I will keep following their updates and post more reviews about new versions of Myhome - here at the Mobile Spoon.


You can get SHBT MyHome together with SHBT Weather for €14.95.

Check out SHBT website in here.


Check out some more shell applications in here.

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Bruce said…
I couldn't find a trial version. Who in their right mind would buy software such as without ever having tried it out?
Gil Bouhnick said…
Check out the link - their website has a trial button.
Bruce said…
Oops, I'm blind, thanks!
Gil Bouhnick said…
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