Sneak a pick: HTC's Devices For 2009!

2009 just started and we already have a list rumors for the upcoming year.

The latest one is, believe it or not, the complete list of devices HTC is planning to release this year.

Here are some of the models I liked:

Maple - I like Clamshell QWERTY devices, although I don't like the design of this specific one.


Topaz - is that the Diamond inheritor? I guess it is.


Rhodium - I guess this one will be replacing the Touch Pro...


Actually, it may be the Tungsten replacing the Pro...


Oh, here is something I like: Willow. Remember the name.


And here is the HD follower (I think...):


And this Jasper dude sure looks promising as well...


Visit this forum page for the complete list

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