SpoonDo! - a Clean Application for Windows Mobile

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I received a mail today that my small tasks app - 'SpoonDo!' was tested and found 100% clean - and is now promoted by SoftPedia.


Not that I needed that as a proof that It's clean...

After all, I know the SpoonDo! ever since it was a young test tool...

If you are looking for a simple way to work with Outlook tasks - I think you should try it out. It's free of course! And clean!

SpoonDo2 copy SpoonDo3 copy 

Download SpoonDo!

Read more about the SpoonDo!

Oh, and by the way, due to many requests I am getting for this tool, I'm going to release a new version in a couple of weeks which will also include some calendar (finger friendly) support.


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Anonymous said…
will it also include graphik version for the HTC diamond? (i think its vga?) at the moment it works but looks not nice on the diamond. btw, great peace of software!
andre said…
First of all: Great software! I like the clean design and "finger-friendly" UI! Speaking of that: Would it be possible to support finger-gestures for scrolling (sliding)? Would be great to slide through long lists or hoizontally through categories.
Also multiple categories would be very useful. Some people use them like tags. You can assign multiple ones in outlook for example.

Would be great to get some feedback concerning my suggestions.

Regards, Andre
Gil Bouhnick said…
Thanks for the comments,
I'm beginning to work on a new version of the SpoonDo!.

As it is a pure hobby - I'm not sure what will be the scope and when it will be ready, but as always I will keep you updated with the news here in the MobileSpoon.

Anonymous said…
any news about the new version?

Gil Bouhnick said…
I'm working on it, and it will take a while (few weeks) until it's ready.
At the moment I'm adding appointemtns support which is a bit problematice due to performance issues.

Once I solve those, I will easily continue with the rest of the enhancements.
Anonymous said…