Users unhappy with their mobile phone...

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According to a poll of 4000 people done by Mformation, 61% of mobile users (UK and US) said setting up a new handset is as challenging as moving bank accounts.

85% of users said they are frustrated by the difficulty of getting a new phone up and working.

And 95% said they would try more new services if phones were easier to set up.

According to Mformation spokesman Matthew Bancroft:

"There is an enormous range of things modern phones are capable of doing but the paradox is that many people are not using these capabilities," he said.

Nice. (I wonder if it relates the Palm Pre making automatic decisions for the happy users).

For us, mobile geeks, things may seem obvious, but whenever I give one of my devices to a friend (for instance when I want to share a nice game or show some applications or pictures), I'm always surprised that they find it hard to operate stuff.

I think that like Windows in the 90's, mobile UI is still progressing, and each new application / concept / device teaches us more about what's wrong and what's right.

Applications influence one another and the good things quickly spread around to most of the mobile applications. (A great example, of course is some of the iPhone UI concepts).

Eventually, just like most people know how to save a word document using that old diskette icon (many users never even saw one...), and just like everyone knows F5 will probably perform some lkind of refresh, people will eventually know how to better find their way around in mobile applications.