Vringo - Video Ringtones for Windows Mobile!



Vringo is a free mobile application that lets you assign video ringtones for specific contacts. How cool!


You really get to see those funny short videos every time a call comes in...



From the Vringo site:

videoringtone2 "Use Vringo.com and find funny videos, movie clips and make them your own video ringtone. Get the best Internet video or create your own video clips and send them right to your phone. Vringo is the fun and easy way to share video clips with your friends using your mobile phone. Create video rigntones, send them to your friends and share the best video clips from around the world. Vringo offers video clips from thousands of your favorite TV shows, movies, and musicians. Download your favorite video clip today and make it your Vringo."


To have it you need to register and download he client application from http://www.vringo.com.

web interface New York

If you want to have your own made videos to be set as videotone,you need to convert the whole video (max 30 secs) to .3gp format, rename it to pre_vringo & copy it to my device/application data/vringo. overwrite the previous file & restart the application.

Link: http://www.vringo.com

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