Who is the world's biggest computer maker in 2008?

According to Tomi T Ahonen, if you consider a smartphone to be a mini computer, then Nokia is world's biggest computer maker in 2008 (say what?).

Tomi combined different analysis reports and came up with the following figures:

Nokia     64.1 Million units   13.8% market share
HP         55.2 Million units   11.9% market share
Dell        43.8 Million units     9.4% market share
Apple     35.0 Million units     7.5% market share
Acer       30.8 Million units     6.6% market share
Lenovo   22.1 Million units    4.7% market share
RIM         19.8 Million units    4.2% market share
Toshiba  12.9 Million units    2.8% market share
Others  181.9 Million units  39.1% market share

Total    465.5 Million units 100.0%

(The list does not include cell-phones, just smartphones and PDAs and there are couple of assumptions in the list, mainly around Apple, read more in here).

Amir, as usual, thanks for the tip!


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