Windows Mobile 6.5 is here!

screenshot3-228x300 OK people! Time for some screenshots and a video of the new upcoming version of Windows Mobile!

(Of course - it may be that all of it is a fraud, but by the history of the XDA-Developers, I actually find it reliable)


Let's start with some explanations:

The phone you will see in the video demo is not a new device, it's actually an ancient device called: Blue Angel and used to run Windows Mobile 2003 (actually called PocketPC 2003).

This device is one of the strongest ones ever made, and considered to be a perfect instrument for hackers or WinMo professionals such as the XDA-Developers. According to some rumors it is the true Kaiser Soze of the mobile world.

OK. I invented that part, but as you'll immediatly see (below) this old device can run any WinMo version including the latest one - 6.5!

Appearently, there's this guy at HTC which really likes to spread around "spoilers" and sent the new version to one of the XDA people.


Now let's see some screenshots:

As you can see below (thank god WMPowerUsers were able to pull those pictures for us, as it was not trivial at all to find them in the non-english sites...)

Check out those cool images. Windows Mobile 6.5!

pic01 pic06 pic141 pic03 pic6 pic11

Remember - things may look slighlty different on newer devices as this one is not optimized for that this WinMo version of course (or just because it may be an evil fraud, as I said earlier, but who know...)

OK, let's discuss what we've just saw:

First, the today screen looks more like the standard edition which is a great enhancement.

Second, the scrollable lists - which looks like the iPhone scrolling capabilities - great stuff but we've seen other applications already doing it (SPB, as well as other freeware etc.) - not sure it's such an inovative thing, but it seems (from the video) that it is working more natively as it's a built-in feature now. Useful feature.

Third, and this can be seen in another video (link) - is the new version of the internet explorer. I found it hard to understand what I'm seeing as the video quality is very low, but it seem some new features around finger movements, zoom etc.

Not sure I can say anything about it now, I guess we just have to wait and see when it is officially released...


I'm a bit dissapointed, but I'm hoping we haven't seen the most of it just yet...


And now, here's the video:

(if you cannot see it - click here)

Thoughts anyone? Please share.

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Anonymous said…
Dude....turn the camera so we don';t have to tilt our heads!!!