Windows Mobile Browsers - the Complete Comparison Guide


Looking for a good browser for your Windows Mobile phone?

Here's a great starting point to get more infromation about the many alternatives and also some useful download links (many of them free):

Menneisyys at Mobility Site did a detailed comparison between Windows Mobile browser with the benchmark set as the iPhone’s Safari.

Among the alternatives: Opera 9.5, Skyfire, Opera Mini, Iris, Internet Explorer 6, Pre-6 Internet Explorer and NetFront.

The full report can be found in here.

The final comparison chart can be found in here.

And I can be found in here. Big Grin

(Image taken from WMPowerUsers)


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Art said…
I completely disagree with their review of the latest build of NetFront. While it takes a bit of getting used to, I find the scrolling superior to the other browsers tested. It's more sensitive, but once you learn how responsive it is, it's a treat to use. I urge people to give it a try on their own and see what they think. I'd rank it #1 on the list, with Opera a very close second.